Intellectual Property

I provide comprehensive legal services in the field of intellectual property law.
I choose the right tools to protect copyright and industrial property,
and advise on how to use intellectual property to grow your business and increase market share.

I offer professional advice on the management of intellectual property in your company. I also represent clients in proceedings before the Polish Patent Office and the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Intellectual.

My services include, but are not limited to, trademarks, trade names, design rights, copyrights, unfair competition, licences and exclusive rights transfer. I also work with patent law firms from other countries so that I can help obtain intellectual property rights and prosecute intellectual property infringements also outside the territory of Poland.I


know how best to protect your brand. I understand that a brand is not only a logo, but also a concept, experience and connection with the consumers. I offer to register a trade mark in Poland – at the Patent Office, in the European Union and in the international procedure. I register verbal, graphic and 3D trademarks. I carry out trademark monitoring by detecting attempts to register competition marks that could infringe my customers' exclusive rights. Monitoring helps protect your rights and limit your competition. I also participate in disputes and trade suings.


I work for marketing agencies, advertisers, promotional organizers and individual creators, influencers, actors and models. I advise on legal aspects of advertising and provide legal advice for other types of marketing activities. My services include, but are not limited to, reviewing, preparing and negotiating advertising agreements and assessing the risks of using intellectual property in advertising. I also represent clients in disputes over unfair advertising.


I have knowledge and experience in comprehensive product protection against infringements by market competitors. I register industrial designs, conduct litigation involving industrial designs and choose the best ways to protect your business. On behalf of my clients, I also draw up warning lists for possible industrial design violators and participate in negotiations to reach an agreement between the parties. I am preparing agreements on industrial designs, including licensing agreements and transfers of rights from registration.


As part of the provision of legal aid in the field of copyright, I assist in drawing up, negotiating and analysing contracts relating to copyright and related rights. I consult for the creative industry and advise on the best strategies for action in the case of copyright infringement. I represent clients in copyright infringement litigation. I also assist in the valuation of copyright, and in securing interests related to copyright.


The protection of innovation, ideas and knowledge often requires reaping the provisions of the Law on combating unfair competition. I m.in in matters relating to breach of trade secret, imitation of products, obstruction of market access, unfair, unetic or prohibited advertising. I also have experience in comprehensively protecting the company name and stopping competitors from acting fraudulently in business. I provide assistance in pursuing claims before the court and in advising and advising on whether the actions of the competition can be considered unfair.


An unpaid invoice or unreliable contractor can cause a lot of problems. If the courtroom proves to be the best option, I participate in litigation, including in economic matters.

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